The Cabinets Are Here!

One of the most exciting times for my clients is when their cabinets arrive!

Our cabinets are packaged on pallets that are easy for you to store until you’re ready for installation.

The Prep

Once it’s time for install, the fun begins!

It’s time to unpack the cabinets and get them laid out.

Once unpacked, we place them in the general area of where they will be going before we start putting them together.

It took Larry and I about an hour to unpack the pallets and place each cabinet in it’s designated spot.

Cabinet Building

It’s time to bust out the power tools and put Joann’s cabinets together.

Look at how excited Joann is sliding the last piece into her new pantry.  She went from no pantry to TWO pantries!

Joann and Ralph were an absolute dream to work with.  I was so happy to be there to see their dream come to fruition!

Even their dog joined in on the fun!

He made sure everything was running smoothly and that we stayed on task.

Listen to how the cabinet install process works and how I manage to work with women from all over the United States!

Episode 61: The Cabinet Install Process

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