the results are in, and you’re *drum roll*…

Just like Charlotte was everyone’s best girlfriend…
You, too, are the loyal and kind friend that is always willing to lend a hand and clean up after a great party.  Now it’s time to tackle creating something just for you…a dream kitchen.

Charlotte from
sex in the city

  • Let’s face it…you love people but sometimes take a backseat to everyone else’s needs. You have all kinds of ideas for the new kitchen but don’t quite trust yourself to filter through all the options (so overwhelming)
  • In other words, you realize you have a kitchen that isn’t functioning well, and you’re FINALLY ready to remodel it once and for all.
  • →You’re not sure exactly what you want for the color of the new cabinets but you do know you want a gorgeous space where you can layout out a charcuterrie board and invite all your girlfriends over for a glass of vino (#sauvignon blanc for me)…
  • And you’ve asked all your girlfriends what they would do but you’re not sure if those ideas makes sense for you too. I mean HOW are you going to make sure to get all the right features and functionality (right?)
  • But you are tired of starting and stopping but making NO progress (even though you have sooo many ideas pinned and picked out)

You’re ready to take steps to move forward and transform your kitchen.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you exactly how to get that white kitchen renovation done before the next big holiday!

There’s an incredible feeling that happens when you work in a clean, organized kitchen and can throw together a homemade pizza (or fresh chocolate chip cookies) for an impromptu party.

However, you might not be ready to design a new layout, decide where the oven and fridge should go, pick out a backsplash—and do it all with your budget.

you may be telling yourself that you’re…

  • Not sure you can afford the kitchen of your dreams (especially when you find yourself comparing yourself to your neighbor three doors down who recently spent 150k on her kitchen remodel).
  • Going in blind when it comes to who to hire, negotiating what you want, and ensuring that the contractors will complete the job with precision and efficiency.
  • Going to have to get your husband on board and “talk” him into the remodel.
  • Not sure you can turn the world’s ugliest (and least functional) kitchen into a beautifully designed central hub of your home.
  • Tired of pinning all the time on Pinterest and telling yourself that you’ll not let another year go by “still” dreaming about it.
It’s ok to feel nervous or overwhelmed when you commit to remodeling your kitchen—but I’m here to help you create a swoon-worthy kitchen—farmhouse sink included—with ease.

An empowered woman is a force to be reckoned with!

The good news is that remodeling a kitchen is easier than you think. Here’s why:

reason 1

You can uncover the “best” design layout that works for YOUR space in just 30 days (and it doesn’t come from the person behind the counter at The Home Depot).

reason 2

You can design cabinet functionality around “how you use” YOUR kitchen.

reason 3

You can stay within your budget so you’re never surprised or strapped for cash (or maxing out your Visa card)
  • Created the kitchen of your dreams (one that rivals the ones you’ve seen on HGTV) and made it the heart of your home.
  • Eagerly volunteered to host family dinners, holidays, and neighborhood wine tastings because you were proud of your beautiful kitchen.
  • Were inspired to deck out your kitchen and decorate it for the holidays because you were proud of your space (and no longer ashamed).
  • Enjoyed more dinners at home because you looked forward to cooking in your new kitchen (not to mention saving $$$ because you weren’t eating out all the time).
  • Started planning chili cook-offs and book clubs with your girlfriends because you are so proud of what you designed and created.  And basically made this the year where “someday” become a reality
This is all possible (and yes, still in your budget). Keep reading and I’ll tell you how…

Are you ready to turn the world’s ugliest (and least functional) kitchen into a beautifully designed central hub?

Introducing my signature process called DFIO… Design from the INSIDE out.

I created it after watching so many women struggle with the same issues over and over.

step 1

I start where most designers never go—assessing what you have and how you use it. This quickly helps you get a sense of how to design your new space.

step 2

Next, we apply my TOP 7 Features, like big soft closing drawers or a day use pantry , that solve 90% of the problems I see every day. And VOILA, we have a perfectly designed space with maximum functionality just for YOU.

step 3

Now that we’re confident that the new space will have the right cabinetry, we move onto the FUN part and pick the colors and materials.
Once we can visualize what your new kitchen will look like, we can start getting bids and negotiating to save you thousands. It’s all included in my 90-day Kitchen Remodel Rockstar design group.

It’s what you do BEFORE you start a remodel…

Now I invite friends over all the time (and just hosted my first thanksgiving in years) and felt so proud instead of ashamed!

“I was so embarrassed to show what my existing kitchen looked like, and you made me feel so safe to share it. I was sick of clutter everywhere, and it just felt impossible. With Camille’s help, I started taking small steps and making decisions. Now I invite friends over all the time (and just hosted my first thanksgiving in years) and felt so proud instead of ashamed.”
Tammy | Savannah GA
I’ve been helping women create the kitchen of their dreams for LESS moolah for over 27 years! In fact, I’ve designed and remodeled more than 10,000 kitchens.

I’m a unicorn in the kitchen remodeling space (a sweet combo of being an actual female cabinetmaker (I live and breathe functional cabinets) + a kitchen designer (I love to make things look pretty).

Basically, I’m like the PB & J of contractors.

This unique skill set lets me guide my clients to the best version of their kitchen that works without overspending on things that don’t “cut the mustard.”

When I’m not looking at flooring or planning someone’s dream pantry, you can often find me cooking [insert favorite thing to cook], gardening [what type?], or hosting a cocktail party (#lemondrop martini lover here). In addition, I’m an unashamed “cat mom” of 5 spunky felines who entertain me daily with their “cat gymnastics.”

You’ll never find me on a roller coaster or river rafting #scardycat. But I do love empowering women to take charge of their kitchen remodels and move forward with confidence.

10,000 kitchens can’t be wrong, right?!

We’ve been fighting over this remodel for 4 years. Camille saved my marriage!

“I would’ve never thought of designing my kitchen around what I use the most! What a brilliant concept…and this design group has saved my marriage! We have been fighting over this remodel for 4 years and now he is on board because of the steps you helped us take…you really ARE the husband whisperer!”
Julie | Atlanta, GA
So take the next step and watch this short training to help you get clarity and stop the overwhelm…

Shhhh, we won’t tell your husband!

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“5 ways To Improve Your Kitchen Design