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I’m Camille, the creator of Kitchen Remodel Rockstar and host of The Kitchen Sink Podcast.

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Meet Joann

Joann is one of my amazing Kitchen Kickstart members!

Listen to Joann talk about how she found me and why she decided to join the program.


Joanns Job

Here are some before pics of the kitchen prior to demo!

Dark cabinets, an off-center sink, and low ceilings were some design issues we wanted to fix.

Her new kitchen is going to be STUNNING!

The Cabinets Are Here!

One of the most exciting times for my clients is when their cabinets arrive!

Our cabinets are packaged on pallets that are easy for you to store until you’re ready for installation.


Hi! From Detroit

  Come walk through Joann’s job with me!   Joann’s husband and I unpacked all the cabinets and moved them inside, which took us about an hour.   As you can see, we have them laid out in the general area where they will be installed.  This will help us during the building process and keeps everything organized.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Joann’s inspo photos had beautiful high ceilings with wooden beams…much different than what she had!  To make her vision come to life the wall was removed and a new addition was added with a beautiful vaulted ceiling!

Cabinet Building

The fun part begins!

It’s time to bust out the power tools and put Joann’s cabinets together!

Check out Joann putting together her drawer boxes!

I always encourage my customers to help with the process!

Cabinet Installation

The Island

This is the island that dreams are made of.

The Wrap Up

Joann’s dream kitchen is finally a reality!! 

We transformed her dark, cramped space to a bright, open floorplan that she will be entertaining in for years to come!

Are you ready for YOUR kitchen love story?