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Did you know we make custom cabinets?

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, custom RTA cabinets that doesn’t break the bank.  By ordering directly through us you can save up to 40% off retail!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this quote one of my clients received from Home Depot:  Their initial quote was for $66k and after negotiating and removing stuff they wanted they got it to $40k.   OUR PRICE? $27,300

How can we do that?

We are able to share enormous savings while still keeping quality high for 2 big reasons.  As cabinetmakers that ship direct to you around the country, you are not going through a dealer so you keep the large markup.  PLUS we have a specialty in RTA cabinets.  This means that you are getting access to custom sizes and custom colors.  You are NOT limited to just a few colors and styles (like other online RTA suppliers)

So you get ALL the benefits of a custom local female cabinetmaker who loves to cook and is obsessed with great kitchen design combined with the convenience of shipping to your location. DIY training always included (no cost)

We know that purchasing cabinets is a big investment and you probably have a few questions before making a commitment.


We have answered some of the most common questions below.
If you have any other questions you can contact me HERE.

Your Questions Answered

Why RTA?

RTA cabinets are ready-to-assemble cabinets that come in a variety of styles and colors.  For us premium RTA means that we can design ANY size and ANY color.  This is not typical in the industry and gives you an enormous advantage.  Not only are we less expensive than other online retailers (who import) but we use higher quality materials.

They use standard industry sizes and cheap materials like particle board and lower quality doors and drawer boxes, cheap hardware and hinges.

We use premium BLUM soft closing slides and hinges, rated up 150lbs.  3/4″ premium pre-finished maple plywood boxes, 3/4″ shelves (all adjustable), dovetail birch drawer boxes with inset backs and bottoms.  This means each box is square, straight and will not come apart over time.  All of our cabinets are frameless with full overlay hardwood doors. Inset frames available upon request.

So when you think of RTA cabinets, think premium and unlimited design and color for less $$.

What is the cost?

When you work with me we will go over your your ideas and I will create a customized drawing with you.  Over 2 zoom calls we will create a fully functional cabinet layout together so it is very personalized to you. You can schedule a call with me HERE.

The cost is $497 to design your custom layout with me, including all materials, colors, door style, flooring, tile and anything else you need to feel comfortable.  You can use the sketch I make you (with accurate measurements) with another cabinetmaker or if you move forward with my quote, we discount the $497 from the bid.

How does it arrive?

Your cabinets will be delivered to your home on pallets.  Want to see what it looks like when it shows up?   Click HERE.  We will work with you to help unwrap, organize and assemble your beautiful new cabinets.  This includes one-on-one support via camera, not just you trying to watch videos and running into problems.  True support comes with every purchase.

Is it hard to put together?

I walk you through the entire installation process via Facetime or Zoom.  I work directly with homeowners that want to save money by doing the installation themselves and contractors that do not know how to install cabinets.

Unlimited Colors!

As you can see we have alot more standard colors than most in the industry…plus we can match any color you need.

What are the lead and turnaround times?

When shopping for RTA cabinets and you see promises of 3 days or a week, most of those companies routinely DO not actually fulfill that promise.  They are also just pulling the cabinets in standard sizes off the shelf and shipping.  

We do things differently.  We are very efficiant but your cabinets are being custom made.  Our lead times can be as quick as 7-10 days for a small to medium kitchen and up to 3 weeks for a larger scale job with more than one color.  We are also finishing all of your custom doors as well, so that might take an extra 12 days because it is truly custom to you.  We are never past 4 weeks on any size job.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes we do!  We believe in quality craftsmanship and stand behind our product. There is a 5 year warranty on the finish and construction of all cabinets.  Your cabinets are sprayed with a high end conversion varnish that makes it easy to clean crayon, sharpie, wine, peanut butter and many more hard to clean substances.  We offer simple cleaning instructions and if those are followed, your cabinets will look great for years to come.  The warranty does not cover abuse, negligence, poor care and cleaning but we are always available to remake an item to match at cost.

Where do you ship?

We ship to every state in the United States including rural and metro locations.  All of the items are very carefully packaged to ensure proper safe delivery but if something is damaged by the carrier we will replace at no cost to you.

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